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COVID-19 Good Practices and Safety Measures

Guincho Adventours has been operating in the corporate events market and tours since 2004, providing excellent and quality service to companies, tour operators representing most parts of the World markets, DMC’s, Travel Agents, and Shorex.

Turismo de Portugal has distinguished Guincho Adventours with the Clean & Safe Seal in recognition of good practices in implementing the recommendations of WHO - World Health Organization and the Portuguese DGS – Direção Geral de Saúde for Covid-19.


1) Clean & Safe Seal – Guincho Adventours

Turismo de Portugal created the “Clean & Safe” seal that distinguishes companies in the tourism sector that comply with the hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of Covid-19.

This seal offers companies a tool that certifies them as safe, guaranteeing the tourist's confidence in their destination.

These measures require the creation of an internal protocol, together with the recommendations of the DGS - Directorate-General for Health, which guarantees the necessary hygiene to avoid risks of contagion and which guarantees safe procedures for the operation of its tourist activities.

You can learn more about this distinction here.

2) What MUST Bring With You

Please read carefully - this is a tour elimination factor.

When booking a service with us, you have the guarantee that we will do our best to comply with all the rules of hygiene and safety imposed by WHO in order to reduce the risk of accidents and safeguarding your health to the maximum.

For your safety and for the safety of other guests and staff, it is mandatory to show up at the agreed pick-up location or to start the tour with:

- Passport or Citizen Card
- Ticket
- A bottle of water to avoid the need to look for a local supplier
- Your Own Personal Protective Equipment - PPE with at least 2 masks, 1 kit of disinfectant gel or similar with at least 70% alcohol
- Mobile phone
- One Emergency Telephone Contact
- Glasses (ex.: sunglasses)
- Money

3) Waiver & Risk Assessment

Before starting the tour, it is mandatory to sign a waiver stating that you are in good health and:

- Confirms that has no symptoms of Covid-19
- Commits to keep the social distance between others, not speaking directly to someone/others and only touching what is necessary
- Follow and obey all the Organizer’s instruction during the tour

4) Fever and Symptom Measurement

After signing the term of responsibility, it is necessary to comply with the protocol regarding the temperature check and alcohol testing according to the tour in which you will participate.

In case of having a fever equal to or greater than 37.5º, we activate the SNS24 emergency protocol through its helpline available 24:00 (+ 351 808 24 24 24) or the 112 medical emergency line.

We also inform the reception of the place where you are staying and the tour operator responsible for your trip.

In case of detection of symptoms related to the disease, such as cough, or accusing blood alcohol, you will not be allowed to participate in the tour and automatically lose the right to a refund.

5) Our Safety Measures

We take it very seriously and keep an eye on the evolution of the pandemic that has hit the world.

In this sense, we work to ensure and implement all hygiene and health safety measures for our customers and guides.

We also carefully follow the measures that the government of Portugal and that the DGS decrees, maintaining security and making constant updates to hygiene procedures.

5.1) Clean & Safe Briefing

Before starting the tour and with all participants properly equipped with hygiene and safety material, the guide disinfects everyone's hands and explains what procedures to adopt during the tour regard to:

- Opening and closing doors
- Social distance
- The place where the guests will be seated (it will not be possible to change places)
- When in contact with hands
- Visits and points of interest during the tour, namely how they should behave to avoid unnecessary risks with third parties
- Use of the contaminated waste bin on board
- Recognition and compliance with the group's hygiene rules imposed

5.2) Before the Tour

Our staff received adequate training to take care of any emergency or unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the tour and to manage the hygiene and cleanliness of the excursionists inside and outside the vehicle.

What we do:
- Body temperature check of all drivers before they start work
- All staff starts the job with clean clothes
- All staff always wear a protective mask
- All staff works with glasses
- All staff has a communication system

The staff also checks that the first aid bag is complete before each tour.

5.3) During the Tour

- We avoid proximity speech and try to keep a safe distance
- Vehicle windows and roof will remain open when possible
- We make stops for disinfecting hands and door handles
- We control as much as possible all customer movements inside and outside the vehicles to avoid risks

5.4) After the Tour

We maintain the hygiene and cleaning procedure after your experience.

Our staff procedures:

- Will throw away the trash from the contaminated bag inside the vehicle by replacing it with a new one
- Sanitizes and refills the disinfectant gel dispenser
- Washes and cleans the vehicle as well as all materials used during the tour
- Sanitizes the vehicle with an appropriate disinfectant 
- Put on all the clothes used for washing
- After working hours, complies with social distance and hygiene rules

6) Our Safety Measures

Before any tour, the vehicles are sanitized and disinfected, especially in 11 fundamental points:

1) Interior and exterior handles
2) Ground
3) Seats
4) Seat belts
5) Glasses
6) Door lifts
7) Latches
8) Steering wheel
9) Dashboard
10) Console
11) Ceiling / Rollbar
The vehicle has a trash can for contaminated, sanitized, and with a clean bag.

6.1) Other Safety Measures

Onboard, guests have our “Clean & Safe” kit made up of disposable masks, disinfectant gel, and first aid to be used and handled according to the Guide / Driver's instructions.
The “Clean & Safe” literature for Covid-19 is posted on board.

7) Our Suppliers

All our suppliers (Food&Beverage - restaurants, cafes, and bars - nautical partners, wineries, farms, artisans, or distilleries) comply with specific safety standards regard to "Clean & Safe".

These rules are always applied and explained to customers by our guide / driver during the tours.

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